Quantum Mosaic

Quantum Mosaic is an ongoing tabletop roleplaying game that marries, martial arts, comedy, an epic scope with science fiction fantasy.

Quantum Mosaic centers on the players, using a blend of 18 core archetypes – from Academics to lawmen to healers to scientists to warriors – instead of defined classes to allow players to play the IDEA of their characters.

Quantum Mosaic uses highly customizable player-defined species types, which only tripple in number as there are three major atmosphere types that breed player species.

Quantum Mosaic uses a variation on the simple-to-use WEG d6 system, using dice pools against standard modifiers making all actions easy to resolve.

Essence is the mystical element of the Quantum Mosaic, with powers and features found elsewhere in science fiction, but with a unique twist all it’s own.

Quantum Mosaic: Electrons and Light

Medial bluelightcycle