Essence abilities primer


The mind and body of an Enlightened Adept must be utilized and in sync in order to manipulate their Essence. Using the Essence is a skill of both body and mind. It is not a power granted nor a magical cure-all. The external manifestations of Essence manipulation pale in comparison to the internal manifestations, but they are an ever-present option/danger to and from each and every Enlightened Essence user. Much like the myriad abilities that atrophy in the bodies and minds of most normal peoples of every species, so too do even some of the more basic abilities associated with Essence manipulation wither from disuse or a lack of familiarity. Each of the abilities of the Enlightened is a separate and rationed mental and physical exercise . No effect happens without some kind of motion and no motion is solely paramount in the execution of an essence ability. There are two basic phases when attempting to use an essence ability, The Access phase and the Manifest phase. In the Access phase, the enlightened utilizes a three second focus of mental and physical action to essentially target their intended effect (and/or area of effect) during this phase they are primarily mentally focused on their act and their physical motion has to mirror their intended ability. In the Manifest phase, roughly three seconds after they began, or approximately the same time their action ends, the effect happens, the ability is used and the ability has it’s basic exertion effect on the body.


Move. Pause. Move


Move. Pause. Contact


Flourishing move OR Body repositioning OR Contact


Near Contact. Pause. Move.


Contact. Flourishing Move. Contact.


Body repositioning. Pause. Move.


Move. Pause. Body Repositioning.


Near Contact. Extension of Contacts. Move to aim.

Essence abilities primer

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