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A custom brewed game that blends fantasy and crunchy science with martial arts and deep character drama all wrapped in a simple to use mechanic with easy character generation … The only wrong way to play is not to play

A unique galaxy vast beyond imagining; home to an almost infinite number of species. Civilizations that have faster than light travel technology can create an imprint on their solar systems and are the only ones that can meet other species like them.

As a setting, the Mosaic Galaxy allows you the player and you the storyteller to tell stories similar to other science fiction stories you’ve encountered, but without series limits or budgetary restraint. You don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong or having to interact with stories that you don’t want to. Your only constraint is your imagination.

Numerous species achieve faster than light travel and have the opportunity to discover one another, Many more species achieve space travel that is near light speed travel, also known as proximal light speed. These are known as P-civilizations and they can often exist unawares of the greater galactic community around them. This means that in numerous star systems between, adjacent to or far from common lines of FTL travel, are still even more civilizations that could come into play in a story.

As important as faster than light travel is in the greater galactic community, there is an even more important element common to many dominant species in the Mosaic Galaxy. A great amount of world-dominant species are human-like, sharing a common factor, a ‘magical’ element with a scientific premise that’s common to 1% of their populations. That element is called many things in many cultures, but let’s just call it ‘Essence’ and it is a manipulation of the electromagnetic field of the cells of the body.

The manipulation of Essence can increase strength, speed, agility and mental reaction, as well as give it’s users – that we’ll just call “Adepts” – an innate ability to sense the motion happening around them in all directions. With 1% of a population being Adept, that’s a mere 1:100, but when populations go planet wide that easily becomes 10 Million per 1 Billion. Each species has multiple traditions that teach how to manipulate Essence in their own way, many of them martial, some of them social – but all of them are highly sought after and equally exclusive.

There are numerous human-like species and they also have three main variances of their DNA make up. There are numerous planets that have their own ecosystems formed from their own types of water. Each of the main protein bases has the water to which it is native and fundamentally needs, each has the one it can tolerate in small bursts – but not for long; yet each has another which is it’s natural poison and it cannot tolerate.

There are a lot of species; human-like species come from many animal origins and backgrounds.
There are a lot of species, human-like species that have similar animal origins but come from different protein structures.
There are a lot of species, human-like species, that have similar animal origins, similar protein structures but different adaptations depending on their environment of origin.
There are a lot of species, human-like species, that have similar animal origins, similar protein structures, similar adaptations, but entirely different qualities depending on what their species and society promoted or excluded during their evolution.
There are a lot of species. Fortunately they are not all clustered together or arranged neatly, they are interspersed among the stars, whose closest neighbors each lie several light years from one another.

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