Quantum of Adventure

(1) Quantum Mosaic: UGC

The United Galactic Commonwealth, a federal government predicated on representative democracy, protection of it’s citizens and the galactic commerce. The United Greater Constellations, a quartet of expansive regions of space united under a common banner of freedom, a banner raised over the sarcophagus of an ancient and once-powerful empire. No matter the perspective the UGC is a force for civilization, protection and law in the greater galactic sense of community – even if that perspective rests solely on unilateral authority with which it’s highly complex and competitive government impugns it’s federal cannon laws. The UGC itself is home to numerous stories of all kinds, many that revolve around commerce and law, and many more that do not. These are a few of many.

(2) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Frontier Justice

You are a cadre of UGC Marshall Deputies. Though you lack the authority of the Marshals themselves, you can only your keep by investigating potential cases for your regions Marshall Coterie. That doesn’t mean you just rest on your laurels, most planetary governments have a significant stake in the organized or disorganized crime on their planets and are more than adept at hiding their resources and activities from the UGC. Don’t break the law, and don’t fail, your ship needs a new quantum discombobulator soon!

(3) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Galactic Essence

You are a member of your cultures Essence order. Your culture is important enough to have local power in the systems near your IHS gate. Pursue your order’s goals, claim ancient artifacts, protect or hunt down blood lines and pursue orders that are a threat to life for your and other local systems. Also remember, that while your order has some influence, they are not a respected or recognized military or police entity on other planets and systems. Witness the gamut of orders and their effect on civilizations grand and small. Hunt down those who use their Essence in heinous or order-defying ways. Rescue those without power or skill even if it’s from themselves.

(4) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Mosaic: So far away

You are a galactic pilgrim. For any number of reasons you find yourself far from home at the whim and mercy of races and corporate entities far beyond your previous conception. Technologies and techniques just out of reach but all too real keep you from being the master of your own fate, except they don’t know you’ve got an ace up your sleeve, and you’re willing to use it. Marshall forces, forge alien alliances and pursue the two goals common to all of you, get your freedom…. and get home.

(5) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Hedge-front

You are a freedom fighter. Whether you travel from fringe world to fringe world trying to strike a blow for systemic autonomy, or you are a Assembly Investigation Bureau agent trying to rally for genuinely representative and equal government – you are a poised fist held high against the system. People are starving, refugees are homeless and corporations use ecosystems like science projects. The mechanisms of justice are mired in old traditions and old ways of thinking…. what are YOU going to do?

(6) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Of the people, for the Empire

You are a Constellatory Color Guard, protecting commerce & continuity. Though to what aims? Are you blithely following the orders of The Emperor centuries from the grave? Are you genuinely trying to help the species and civilizations under your charge? What does being a part of this elite band of agents mean? And if you are literally among your constellations best Enlightened, then what are ‘superstancial threats’ and what are they a threat to?

(7) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Risky Business

You work for a galactic financial risk mitigation firm. As an investigator you will be charged with figuring out the liability and actions of various clients/subjects of numerous corporations that would prefer to avoid the limelight. As an “operative” you will be charged to provide closure in situations that even governments are not allowed to have jurisdiction in – and then to make sure that your resolutions are adhered to – at least until the check clears. Ultimately you choose how to do what to whom as long as your mission goal is met and your client is protected. Because it’s a big and uncertain universe – don’t corporations deserve some protection too?

(8) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Immutable Law

You are a cadre of Law-Hunters, deputies of your Territorial Rangers Division. You have some Ranger Authority, but your powers only extend as long as the Bounty Contract is active. What’s more there are Territory Legal bounty hunters and intelligence firms who also want those contracts for financial and personal profit. Law Hunters are directly affiliated with the territorial hierarchy, some of them becoming famous enough to host their own ‘realcasts’ while others maintain the proud tradition of the Law-Hunters, impugning order in a chaotic galaxy.

(9) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Channel Surfers

800 years since the empire held sway over the comings and goings through the IHS gates, breaking any civilization that dared to venture past P, and lording their monopoly over travel over their subjects and even their own noble houses. Since then, many have discovered the principles of FTL flight and use them in real-space – outside of the relative safety that subspacial travel provided. Aluminal Channels, expanses of space several light hours wide and several light years across, become the new ‘superhighways’ of interstellar travel in this long gate-tamed space. With the increase of travel also comes the increased activity and organization of the various regional pirate clans who in the past never had a real threat face down. However, in light of increasing travel, the system’s sheriffs and Cruiser Navies – all put on alert to deal with the threat – have essentially consolidated the disparate and often disjointed pirate actions into a well-oiled machine.

Then there’s you. Your Ship. Your Crew. And stars-willing, your cargo! Surfing the channels. Maybe you’re a thumper, moving from planet, to station to asteroid within a few local systems. Maybe you’re a puddle jumper, moving from Fringes to Fringe – systems on the fringes of their “local” IHS gate’s proximity that are often neglected in galactic commerce, politics and the galactic community beyond. Maybe you’re a Smuggler – moving product procured at a ‘premium’ from higher-paying clientele to higher-paying clientele all the time – but be careful who you cheat, that last deal may be your last. Maybe you’re a Planarnaut – out to find the next horizon, vista and lithosphere – plunging forward for your species to have another land to settle, colonize or have a

You are a channel surfer and for whatever reason, you stake your claim in the open channels; the grand lengths of space several light-hours wide, and many light-years across. For you the currents – the ellipsis from systems to ‘local’ IGS gates – are static and constrained; be it by law, commerce or even mere observation – ultimately they are the road often taken to the destinations often seen. You traverse the void the way the Constellations were meant to be traveled, in real-space facing down real dangers and potentially making real fortunes. Discover the unknown in your own Constellations. Surf. The. Channel.

(10) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Common Wealth

You are an agent of the future, you serve the future using the most fertile tools you can, money and power. The orders are older than the empire and they have perpetually used the tools of politics, law, commerce and planetary resources as the pawns on their chess board. You may be a broker, vying for the financial interests of your species with or without your homeworld’s assistance or permission. You may be an Ambassador vying for your system’s seat, or even trying to protect the civilization whose seat represents your people. You may be an analyst, observing and appraising all around you, working for the powers that be. You may even be a pioneer, trying to claim discovery of the very next asteroid, resource or artifact that will prove invaluable to your people. You may even be a companion working your way through the echelons of power all in the hopes that a nights favor may be a blessing to your people. You serve the common wealth.

(11) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: The Sentient Race

From high grade lock-ware, content to perform their life’s function; to infantile A-ware being seeded onto various networks when not locked into organic shells – the race to prove one’s self as an entity is certainly on. Avoid being scrapped or worse, become a citizen, gain sentient rights. Avoid the Nodes of Autumn and their cult like call. Hunt down the Janix and their jihad against organics. Join the Simand their inevitable rise through commerce, trade and productivity. Serve the common wealth of all fabrogenic kind as an ambassador of the Vergent. Go native and disconnect from the analog world entirely – tend to schools of spirova that roam freely on the various rhizomes. Don’t just be smarter, faster or stronger; don’t sit down and let the vagaries of others dictate your existence, you have a voice. Isn’t it time that you joined, the sentient race?

(12) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Daggers against the void

To your people your order is steeped in arcane mysticism. To some you have been heroes, to others, merely over-dramatized assassins. You serve an order from your people’s history that not only survives in the shadows, but maintains your people’s primacy through clandestine tactics that range well into the martial and more often that not into the lethal. You may have an occupation, you may even avoid the bloodshed altogether and act as an information or logistical source for your order. No matter what maintaining your cover is priority one. You order hasn’t survived this in shadow to have you compromise it… especially not now, now that we’re so close… now that the peril is so near.

(13) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Rescue and Recompense

You are a trustee, a UGC federal prisoner trustee trying to earn points toward your freedom doing the greatest community service. Risk life, limb and your sanity as you brave into dangers that the professionals are all too keen to avoid. Watch as the wardens take all the credit, watch as people revile from your attempts to rescue them. But don’t complain… no no… because with great responsibility comes a laser scalpel fugitive collar. Remember, you can always escape… but you just won’t survive getting very far. With enough points you could very well earn your wardenship and a cadre of Rescue Responders of your very own. Don’t drop the soap!

(14) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Voice beyond the Veil

One of the most persistent phenomenon in the galaxy is “The Voice”. Heard by few in times of great peril and great discovery, the voice has been associated with numerous marvels and terrors throughout the galaxy. There have been numerous orders on multiple planets that search for the deeper mysteries of the voice and it’s significance for each civilization it’s encountered in. There have been just as many that regard the voice as a sole arbiter of the end of civilizations, and any marvels and advancements it has yielded have only served to hasten the end of all. No matter where your belief falls, you have been called, by fate, faction or faith to pursue and investigate the greatest pan-species grail quest ever undertaken in all the star-lives.

(15) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Faith in the Darkness

You serve a higher power, something outside of yourself or within that is greater than your concept of yourself. You take a stand against extremism within your own faith and the perception of any who have faith as being inherently off-kilter. You may be a shepherd, having taken the trilateral congregation’s view of faith to heart. You may be a native spiritualist staking your way across the stars on holy pilgrimage. You may be a pioneer seeking a refuge for your faith and it’s people’s. You may be an ambassador trying to salve the raucous minds in the body politic with rational resolve and guided compassion. You may even be a broker, shadow or burglar, serving shadow faiths long thought dead, still resolute in the deeper brutal truths of the unforgiving nature of the void. There are millions when not billions counting on you to unite them with their destiny and not bring down a state sponsored jihad on their heads. Likewise there are millions when not billions counting on you to be the tip of the spear – staking their holy message in the heart of the infidel horde.

(16) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Plebos & Populi – The Body Lunatic

You are not a generic or homeworld ambassador engaging in backroom deals with corporate powerhouses or individual alliances; this is the big time and the stakes have never been higher.

The Assembly is an unforgiving and fickle mistress. Her rules are draconian, her attention is fleeting and her passions are keen to follow fly-by-night trends in the face of an “enduring” democratic process that almost seems designed to punish those without the clout inherent to pay for justice. To salve the voices of those systems on the verge and fringes of IHS radii that would not otherwise have recourse in the galactic ‘representative’ democracy, two ageometric assembly blocks were formed to represent the sheer number of peoples whose lives are involved in the body politic that claims such a large expanse of the galaxy. Plebos in the Chorus, the cry of the plebeian masses. Populi in the Pavilion, stymieing commerce without conscience. Despite this popular impression, politics for hundreds of systems is still a nightmare where the pressures of economic disenfranchisement trickle down to new burgeoning civilizations – not all of whom are quite adept or sophisticated.

You serve not only your people but numerous races petitioning to join your people’s seat. You weave your way through the post civil-war legislature and try to speak out for the interests of the common sentient. You dodge millennia practiced pitfalls and political maneuvers, you deal with companies and commerce (possibly even your own) with a delicate blend of savvy, rhetoric and pressure. You may be an ambassador royal from a system where your rule has been absolute for centuries trying to cling to the very precedent on which your society has depended, and without which your people’s singular voice would be lost to a rabble crowd. You may be an ambassador of an AI culture that has to keep from being blown back by an organic aggressive race, forced into an uneasy weapons or technology trade alliance with the organic species of the UGC – and now you have to make sure they live up to the bargain, pressure but don’t threaten, ask but don’t demand and thread the needle of public perception.

You may be an orchestrator, straddling the line between criminal and commercial, an operative of your people’s government trained to use your greatest weapon to secure their place among the stars – your mind. You may be a body guard to your charge, striving to stay one step ahead of emerging technologies and techniques of assassination and even social manipulation of events. You may be a techie or jacker plunging into the rhizome uncovering the electronic traces of conspiracies against or for your own people. You may be any of these things, but you are attached to an office that must literally remain unimpeachable or the very sanctity and longevity of your entire species will be for not.

(17) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Native Blood

Your people are not starfarers. You have no need for Nuke-Cola. You know that oil belongs in the dark damp places that the planet keeps hidden. You know you cannot sell or buy memory, space, the sky or even your own children. You don’t use money that does not exist. Your people have endured wars before, what need do they have to fear enemies that exist in the far off heavens, their spirits will protect them. Furthermore, their spirits protect you. You are a warrior of a culture that was no where near P when you encountered the UGC, who asked for no recompense for lands that were taken from them, and who will shed no tears for the murderous demons from the sky. You find yourself chosen among your people to stab back the heart of your enemies. Praise be for the sky-angels who have gifted your people with these tools, given you the path to find your enemies’ weaknesses, and ask only from you what you and your ancestors would gladly give – your lives to the cause.

(18) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Novus Ordo Seclorum

The Nova, crime organized on a scale never before imagined. Multiple species, multiple systems, multiple parsecs. All aligned under a common banner of crime, sometimes discrete, sometimes vicious and with a code of behavior and honor that almost all individual governments have found an impenetrable wall for any real investigation to make headway in. You are in the shadow world of The Nova, no matter what your skill or profession, you’re a part of a much larger machine. Maybe you never knew and are looking for a safe-haven from The Nova, when you know how futile that sounds. Maybe you’re an ardent soldier of The Nova, a Dark Dawn pushing the agenda and punishing the undisciplined. Maybe you’re an unwitting pawn, performing a task in the hopes of receiving a loved one back from the clutches of The Nova. For whatever reason you find yourself in this “second verse”, and no action you take, even one’s diametrically opposed to what you’ve been ordered to do can free you.

(19) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Codexa Exomorpha

The phenomenon of exomorphs is persistent in this region of galaxy, and worse they are as diverse as all the civilized species in the UGC. Though they aren’t as prolific, they spread and not through uniform ways. Killing them is a skill that many have, yet their queens and brood asteroids still elude capture or even surveillance. Colonies fall, stations become wastelands and sewer systems become havens of death. Good thing for all of us there’s you. Maybe you’re a Commonwealth Marine, stepping forward lightly ready to pull trigger and let plasma fly. Maybe you’re in the Emergency Rescue Services and are out to pull an innocent from the claws of a fate wore than death. Maybe you’re an intelligence agent working to retrieve some parcel or bit of biodata from a brood hive. Better yet, maybe you’re a scientist assigned to the task of escorting a group of neanderthal brutes through this marvelous and fascinating hive as you study one of natures fascinating creatures … all for a government that will more than likely use it to exterminate these misunderstood wonders.

(20) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Stellar Verge

Everything inside of the stellar superfoam is not as it appears. Locked in the middle ground of physics, the physical universe appears to be stable, reliable and for the most part – even the most grandiose and seemingly paranormal events and phenomena – appears rational, provided the sufficient knowledge and technique. This is a galaxy of wonders and terrors, and the field called “nature” never appears to be finished with her or it’s grand experiment. However the superfoam of the universe is inherently porous – as witnessed by the phenomenon of faster than light travel in the physical universe – ASTOUNDING! However discovering and studying the true nature of the verges of reality are not without their inherent perils. But perils be damned, why exist if not to LEARN! Governments can accept sacrifices in the tens of millions when not billions for military might conquest and commercial gain, why not for scientific discovery and genuine exploratory exploration? Discover the phenomenal at your doorstep, or step on a superluminal (only plebeians call it FTL) carrier and journey into mystery!

(21) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Praetos. Capitalia. Tractus. et. Destina.

Protection. Commerce. Law & The Pursuit of Success. The tenets of the UGC and it’s four constellations, found on the Great Plates protecting the Decree of Commonwealths and the Covenant of Rights. You are in the Stellar Marine Services and you defend these tenets every day with your life and the lives of your mates, time and again – until your contract is up. Having committed your engram to the cause, you are entreated to the greatest and sometimes the worse technologies and techniques in the known worlds. All to defend the right of the grateful citizenry against those who would exploit the tender mercies of the UGC. Spread diplomacy, UGC style, one phase-phalanx at a time. Sign on the dotted line and get placed in cold storage while your engram is scraped again and again on the front lines. Awaken from firefight to firefight in a Simuloid fresh off the line, get bumped up the ranks, get enhancements, become more machine than organic, work your way up to the admiralty – the very stellar warcraft you traverse in! Just remember, that every war has a war cost, and a sponsor so watch yourself and make sure to know which corporation or government you’ve been contracted to represent today.

(22) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: The Jewel, The Crown & The Serpent

Among trillions of Ahmin there are billions of direct noble blood. Among billions of those of noble blood are those millions born in lineages that can trace their ancestral right to a seat at the territorial CIF. No longer bound to a solitary house seat of a Noble Alpha; the performance, intrigue and danger of the social climbing life of Ahmin in the territories. You are worthy. Your family is worthy. Your lineage has fought and struggled to prove their worth every step of the way from birth. Success is not simply a matter of fortunes favor, nor is it gleaned by bleating like a goat (old Ahmin). Success is a driving force inside and you can only make it manifest through sacrifice, perseverance and proliferation of the worthy. Prove your worth, prove your destiny exceeds that of your ‘cousins’ and your ‘extended cousins’ – earn a mate, earn the admiration of the mate you have. And in all things, great and terrible, remember not to commit the one unforgivable sin – do not fail!

(23) Quantum Mosaic: UGC: Fractured Serpent

In your species’ persistent race of evolution, exclusion and excision were catch words that have both visibly and invisibly been at the heart of every one of your wars, greatest atrocities and most secreted conflicts. None were fought as vociferously as the ones between compatriots, neighbors, cousins, brothers… on down to the genetic level. The more similar a separate species is, the more of a competitor it is for the same resources and ultimately the only real resource – Destiny – can only lay in one hand. Long ago as your species developed, they made pained efforts to rid themselves of a neanderthal-like cousin species; for the most part they had, oh only for the most part though. There are numerous texts, tracts and fables from numerous cultures in your species that relay tales of doppelgangers and numerous ‘creatures of the night’ that steal a people away into darkness. You were raised not only to know how true they are, but also to hunt these evolutionary offshoots of your people who have had multiple millennia (when not centuries) to turn clandestine warfare into an art-form. You, a born enlightened exist in your people’s secret society the protects the rank and file sheep (not genetically) of your people from the wolves of your ancestors creation.

Quantum of Adventure

Quantum Mosaic: Electrons and Light Khyboris