UGC United Greater Constellations

The United Greater Constellations – The Saya (Sai uh) Deem

A capitalist democratic federation of civilizations, authored by The Last Emperor and the founding framers, the UGC is the dream of an equal referendum of civilizations granted to the Constellations by the civlizers – the Ahmin.

The Constellations

Arkana. Dakota. Caledonia (kah ley dohN yah). and Plymouth. Vast networks of of IHS gates that bind species across large expanses for commerce, trade, war and all things connected with the sentient experience.

IHS Gates

Hypergates, intraspacial networks, the 69’ers. Known by many names the IHS gates provide access to a subspacial “layer” of the dimension in which distances are significantly reduced and inertia is not an issue for thrust. IHS gates themselves are the “stars” of the “Constellations”, as they often lie between multiple star systems and are central in their region for superluminal travel. IHS gates operate on a sympathetic wave function which allows one gate to “call” another gate when it is unoccupied, then once an exit is established, a vehicle or party can enter the one gate and exit the other. Transfer times vary, but can range from fractions of a micron (second) to centars (hours). Gates are bound to their sympathetic ‘cousins’ and thus entire gate networks operate by ‘relation’. That said, there are more than just one “layer” of hyperspace, meaning that there are more than just one network of ‘related’ gates. Each of the Constellations, aside from being separated by space itself, are actually separated by the IHS gate networks that make them up in the first place.

The Ahmin

A species that had mastered the secrets their Adept genefactor, they were the only species in all of creation to be known to have sustained a 33% (1 in 3) Adept birth rate. They forged an Empire on two ancient gate networks and one of their own invention, paying the “Ahmin’s burden” of enlightening all other subordinate species and cleansing the universe of ‘threats to life’. After their four thousand Encompass (measured-standard year) long Empire had reached it’s pinnacle, the Ahmin became the heralds apparent to the new democracy and gifted the subordinate species with freedom, a freedom not just for themselves, but for them to pass on to all civilizations.

The Territories

Huang (hoo angh), Amazonia (Ah mah zone ee yah), Nile (n ai/ie l), Volga (Vohl gah), Indus (Inn doos), Kyushi (Kee yoo shee). Massive tracts of space that are under the auspices and control of the six remaining Ahmin bloodlines; Xian (jee/ksee yan), Yuca (yoo cah), Rahja (Rah jah), Echte (ehk t), Prabbud’dha (prah boo dah) and Tenjin (ten gin). These territories expand over multiple hundreds of systems wide and deep and are defacto ‘civilization states’ unto themselves. Their civilizations are regarded as Omega level in both escalatology (technology) and sequential informatics (education & techniques).

The Assembly

Formed of both the Chorus and the Pavilion, the UGC Assembly is the “referendum of kings” which The Last Emporer promised. It is the place where civilizations go to do battle through the treacherous waters of exopolitics and aggregate hyperfinance. To have a seat in either congregations, a civilization must represent a certain number of civilization credits – meaning that they have to have numerous civilizations ‘appealing’ through their seat. Each member of the Assembly represents (at least) a single Theta level civilization, who must in-turn have at least 6-8 (though often 4-6) Beta level civilizations supporting them. Each Beta level civilization must have at least 4-6 (though often 3-5) Alpha level civilizations supporting or relying upon them in-turn.

Alpha Level Civilizations

The civil few civilizations who are able to form a planetary representing government AND appeal to their “invaders” for peace during their test can be allowed to become an alpha civilization. Once a civilization has made an appeal for peace and is willing to discus terms of JOINING THE UGC (surrender is just surrender) then they are under the “Appeals protection” of the UGC and cannot be assailed by anyone or anything without incurring the weight that their attending UGC civilization (the ones who were just shooting rocks at them) can bring to bear. This is a test of general intelligence, species mental character and political expedience. This is also a test of what form their rebellion will take and how long it will take to quell, and whether or not their government itself will adhere to the promises it has made.

Beta Level Civilizations

After a few generations as an Alpha Level Civilization, after normalizing to the way of things, often a civilization is presented with the weight of it’s debts to the civilization that brought it into the benign protection of the UGC. The length of time and the proportion of the debt is always relative to the level of political and economic awareness of the civilization, though exceptions are made for natural disaster relief and billable exploratory claims (exceptions favor the debt). Beta level civilizations must then spread out in their region and begin the process that was done to their fore-bearers, administering the test to other civilizations (that aren’t already UGC) within their purview – often a perilous and painstaking process.

Theta Level Civilizations

As a Beta Level civilization brings more Alphas into the fold, so too must they themselves make THOSE civilizations into Betas as well. Once they reach a certain number of civilization credits, they can appeal to the Theta Level Civilization that brought their ancestors into the fold for the opportunity to appeal the Assembly for a seat. There are many reasons TO and NOT TO give a civilization an Assembly Appointment, but ultimately it serves a Theta Level Civilization’s political Assembly Block to have more members. The more members an Assembly Block has the more political clout they have in the assembly itself, and also the better they can control the appointments to the Ministries. However many Theta civilizations are wary to give an Assembly Appointment to a civilization that they believe will oppose them or not work WITH them in the Assembly.

Omega Level Civilizations

The civilizations of the territories, they are under NO LEGAL precedent to promote any civilization under them – and what’s more no civilization under their control has any right to an Assembly Appointment (outside of a ceremonial visit). That said, Omega level civilizations often make mandatory certain living standards that are WELL out of the bounds of almost all LIFE in the UGC, sometimes to the carcinogenic detriment of the native (non-Ahmin) populations. Omega Level Civilizations each have a single term-appointment seat in the Supreme Court, where they themselves decide on matters of the EPS


The Empirica Pragma Sancti was the tract, edict and laws passed by the “Last Emperor” of the Deera Deem, imbuing civilizations the right to mutual speech in a “referendum of kings” in a federated government – based on political and economic parity rather than by decree both tacit or implicit. This was the one defining act that made the “democratic federation” a possible dream. There is no stipulation in the EPS about the right to rebel, merely a right to be informed at every step of the federal bureaucratic process (rather than being subject to in-absentia execution orders) and a right to “redress the system” through the courts.

The Reason

7 Sextillion sentient hominid beings, 70 quintillion sentient hominid adepts and 70 quadrillion enlightened adults and offspring all trying to ensure the safety of the offspring yet to come.

UGC United Greater Constellations

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